Let’s Check Out The Different Types Of Aerial Photography Available

Aerial photography is a type of photography which involves capturing the pictures of a place, object or building from an angle high above from the grounds. The altitude may range from 10 feet to 50,000 feet. Aerial photography has become the popular and prospective career option for many passionate photographers. There are eight different types of aerial photography and two methods in each category.

The first method of aerial photography includes the static image and the motion pictures. The static image refers to the picture taken by the professional camera and the motion pictures mean the video or a film. The second method is about the ways of taking pictures of videos- manned or unmanned. Manned method means a person is handling the camera in capturing pictures while unmanned refers to the method where the photographer controls the camera remotely. These methods can be applied to the following types of aerial photography.

The types of aerial photography generally depend on how the camera is being lifted up above the ground. The categories are-

Fixed wing aircraft– this type of aerial photography is needed to capture the buildings, structures, or any ground area. It is not convenient to shoot above 2000 feet with this medium as the pictures may be affected by the mist.

Helicopter- the advantage of using helicopters is that it will enable you to take the pictures of moving objects and can hover easily in any terrain.

Balloons- the balloons are used by the photographers to cover a small area or an event.

Blimps and powered airfoils– this type is used by the photographers to cover an event in slow motion for example a football match.

Kites- using kites in aerial photography is of low quality and professionals generally avoid it.

Masts- photographers use the collapsible masts to elevate the camera from the ground which extends up to 200 feet.

High-level mapping aircraft– this method is quite expensive and the highly used one for the sophisticated pictures.
Satellite platforms– this is a totally different category and often restricted by the military. Satellite platforms can be used to take scientific photographs.

What Industries Need Aerial Photography?

The use of aerial photography has become important for several industries. Even, till a few years ago it was not as much popular as of now. This kind of photography is used to retrieve data or information of the ongoing life saving activities. This type of photography can be used to reduce costs and save on manpower, which are essential factors for a project. At the same time, increases safety.

1. Aerial Photography is essential for Residential Real Estate

With the help of the latest drone technology, now real estate agents can easily show the details of the properties to their buyers which are otherwise not possible to capture with regular photography. This is an amazing way to encapsulate the whole property, giving the buyer a distant view of the entire area, including the neighborhood, local routes etc.

2. Aerial Photography for weddings

Drones have become so versatile nowadays that you will easily able to get more creative with the wedding shots. You can gather all the guests of the party in the lawn and ask them to pose in their own way the perfect contrast between the epic grandeur of the vista and the moment’s intimacy will lead to spectacular shots.

3. Aerial Photography widely popular for construction projects

Surveying is an essential part of the construction projects and drones are used for this process, which helps clients to get a view of the work-in-progress when they are away from the actual job site. This enables them to monitor the job sites as well as inspect the structures, thus leading to better safety records.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are several other industries where aerial photography has showed its excellence. Today, it is a popular kind of photography and the service can be availed at a considerable price.

Aerial Photography – Shoot & Have Fun in the Air!

One of the most popular forms of photography today is aerial photography. This gives the photographer a lot of excitement and as a profession, it is very daring as well. The major challenge that the photographer has is to recreate the best effects of landscapes and nature in photographs.

Many people are not aware of the simple fact that aerial photography has been here for decades and it became popular during the Second World War. During this time, photographers would get on aeroplanes and capture shots of planes being shot down or the enemy fighter aiming guns at the planes. Since then aerial photography has evolved a lot!

The art of aerial photography

Aerial photography needs to be done correctly. It is a magnificent form of photography as you are able to cover and capture a wide range of myriad settings. The world and the unique beauty of the Earth does look good from the air and this is inviting many professional and amateur photographers to make use of aerial photography and create some of the most impressive pictures in the world!

Landscape photography at its best

Aerial photography covers some of the best scenic beauties of the world. You are able to take shots of deserts and mountains without hassles at all. Some of the best places for aerial photography are seas, valleys, skies, forests, plateaus etc. The photographer needs to be skilled and experienced when it comes to taking photographs from the sky. He or she must carry the right equipment and has to be prepared to take photographs in any kind of climatic condition.

Aerial photography is an art and more and more people are becoming professionals in this field every day. It is important for you to be trained and interested in taking aerial photographs if you are looking for fun and exciting visuals from the air!

Helicopters and Their Role in Aerial Photography!

Good photographs are a treat to the eyes. However, when it comes to aerial photography, there are several challenges that you need to take care of. Many decisions have to be made in order to get spectacular and the best results for your pictures. The subject matter is very important and the time of the day has to be taken into account as well. It is important for you as an aerial photographer to have great teamwork skills and communicate well with all the people helping you to get the aerial photograph.


Aerial photographs from a helicopter

 Aerial photographs from a helicopter are the most simplest and practical ways to capture impressive shots from the sky. When you use a helicopter for taking photographs, it is important for you to remove the door of the helicopter so that you have a large space for capturing all the shots you want. Once you remove the door of the helicopter, you can easily keep the camera fitted within a frame while flying. Also note that when the helicopter turns, you will face less camera shakes and the quality of your images will not falter.

Equipment and Camera

When you are looking for the right photographs, it is important for you to take the right equipment with you in the air. It is advised that you practice with the camera so that you are able to take photographs from different landscapes. You should ensure that the lens you take will help you take photographs throughout the flight. The camera you choose must be a good quality one!

Therefore, if you are keen on taking aerial photographs, it is important for you always opt for a good helicopter pilot who will work in tangent with you. The helicopter has the ability to take turns and  circle back to another spot to take a better photo from a different angle!

Simple Tips for Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is fun and many people are going in for it on a regular basis. The aerial photographer needs to be creative and careful when it comes to clicking pictures from heights. You should be aware of the safety rules and always train with a skilled and experienced aerial photographer for getting the best pictures. Given below are some simple yet powerful tips on how you can take impressive and powerful pictures with aerial photography

  1. Choose the correct season and the right landscape

When you are into aerial photography, you will find that a landscape looks different in each season and will have a unique appeal. If you are looking for bright and colourful pictures, you should go in for the seasons of spring and autumn. Orange coloured forestation and flowers look the best during this time.

If you wish to capture mountains, the ideal time for aerial photography is during the winter season. However, do not take the photographs of plains under the snow, they will look very monotonous and flat during this time.

  1. Sunny or cloudy weather

You do not have to worry about flying in sunny or cloudy weather. It is obvious that you will not get the perfect weather every time you decide to take pictures. Sunny weather will make your pictures look bright. Fairly cloudy weather will balance the light and reduce the visibility as well to some extent- the pictures may appear to be misty.

  1. Take the right equipment when you are flying in the sky

 When you are taking pictures in the sky, it is very important for you to ensure that you always have the right equipment. It is important for you to safeguard your camera against the shocks that you might encounter when you are on the flight. You should always carry a bottle of water and a map so that navigation is not a hassle for you. You should also have a set of microfiber cloth for cleaning the skin.

  1. Carry the right lens

 When you are flying in an aircraft, it is important for you to always choose the right optic. You will not be able to change the lens of your camera when the flight is in turbulence. Ensure you check the optic and get the right camera for your needs without hassles at all!

  1. Manage the camera shakes

You will find that the movement of the plane will result in a many camera shakes. It is important for you to ensure that you effectively carry a camera that will give you a solid grip. Remember, that if you are looking for a tripod, it will not help you especially when there is excessive movement and turbulence in the plane!

Therefore, if you are looking for the best aerial photographs when you are in the sky- ensure that you keep the above tips in mind. These tips are equally helpful for professionals and amateurs. If you are taking pictures from a window- it is important for you to clean them first so that there are no blots or stains on the photographs.