Let’s Check Out The Different Types Of Aerial Photography Available

Aerial photography is a type of photography which involves capturing the pictures of a place, object or building from an angle high above from the grounds. The altitude may range from 10 feet to 50,000 feet. Aerial photography has become the popular and prospective career option for many passionate photographers. There are eight different types of aerial photography and two methods in each category.

The first method of aerial photography includes the static image and the motion pictures. The static image refers to the picture taken by the professional camera and the motion pictures mean the video or a film. The second method is about the ways of taking pictures of videos- manned or unmanned. Manned method means a person is handling the camera in capturing pictures while unmanned refers to the method where the photographer controls the camera remotely. These methods can be applied to the following types of aerial photography.

The types of aerial photography generally depend on how the camera is being lifted up above the ground. The categories are-

Fixed wing aircraft– this type of aerial photography is needed to capture the buildings, structures, or any ground area. It is not convenient to shoot above 2000 feet with this medium as the pictures may be affected by the mist.

Helicopter- the advantage of using helicopters is that it will enable you to take the pictures of moving objects and can hover easily in any terrain.

Balloons- the balloons are used by the photographers to cover a small area or an event.

Blimps and powered airfoils– this type is used by the photographers to cover an event in slow motion for example a football match.

Kites- using kites in aerial photography is of low quality and professionals generally avoid it.

Masts- photographers use the collapsible masts to elevate the camera from the ground which extends up to 200 feet.

High-level mapping aircraft– this method is quite expensive and the highly used one for the sophisticated pictures.
Satellite platforms– this is a totally different category and often restricted by the military. Satellite platforms can be used to take scientific photographs.